Get Top Free Domain List 2021

Free Resources Sep 6, 2021

Often many blames the free domain name for bad ranking on SERP. But, for developmental purposes and URL shortening, they are quite practical. There domain name which are really free forever. Mostly they are for personal usage. Here is a List of Free Domain Name and Details.

List of Free Domain Name

This is kind of short list of free domain name. As there are 5 free TLDs now (.tk, .ml, .ga, .gq, .cf), possibly there is not much need of the others for developmental purpose.


  1. provides .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq
  2. provides
  3. provides,,,,,,,,,
  4. provides
  5. provides and
  6. provides
  7. provides .tk
  8. provides
  9. provides i.e.,
  10. provides
  11. provides

We have gathered some domain extensions that are free to registered. Please comment if you want to add or report any domain not offered for free.

Top free domains

Other Free Domains

Free domains tt :

Free Domain de:

Free domain co :

Free domains ir

Free domains net :

Free domains org :

Free domain tf :

Free domains lv

Free domains gg :

Actually, this website has registeration information of user review possibly for all free domains.


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